Take Calmer Walks With Your Dog

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When you go for a walk, does your pup bark at all your neighbors? Does your dog nearly bowl you over while chasing squirrels? Take them to Lubbock Family Dog Training. Our leash walking classes for dogs can teach them to keep their cool.

We offer loose-leash walking classes for dogs and other dog manners training classes in Lubbock, TX. We work with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.

Explore our other classes

What kind of classes would you like for your dog? Our basic dog manners training classes include:

  • Puppy Manners: Housetrain your dog under one year old and teach them not to nip, chew or jump.
  • Basic Manners: Stop your dog's urgent behavior problems and give them the building blocks for obedience training.
  • Visitor Manners: Teach your dog to be calm and polite to guests without jumping, barking or rushing to the door.
  • Leash Training: Show your dog how to enjoy a walk while on their best behavior.

To find out about all our options, email us by using the form on the Contact Us page right away. You can also call 806-300-8577.